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Detect & Combat Depression
Detect & Combat Depression
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This group is for all the attendees of the workshop Detect & Combat Depression on 4th July 2020 at 4:00 pm. Use this space to ask questions, get checklists, assessments, and stay in touch with the community.


I m dealing with childhood trauma. My parents brother misbehaviour in past that keep haunting me bcz they never accept they did wrong instead they put blame on me. Lots of abuse ,scold, beaten toucher,blame,rumors all these things I got from my family for very long time approx from class 8 till graduation. I m very sensitive person their hurts me alot ,I was introvert I never open up about these behaviour with anyone. So due to stress mental harassment I got disease in 2015. I got high blood pressure due to which my kidney got shrink. My whole life... (More)
I think i might have intentionally hurted and wasted someone's time and efforts in a relationship. But i am generally not the kind of person to do such a thing and makes my heart sink and kinda suicidal thinking I might have done it . Should I forgive myself?
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Hi Anuvea - this question was answered by our psychologist Chumki Bose in our Instagram Live: You can watch the video it here: